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iQueue Virtual Line Manager

iQueue simplifies the chaos of managing your walk-in traffic

Replace your physical line with an iQueue virtual line, which is always:


Manage and triage your line to improve guest satisfaction and business efficiency.


Guests can get in line or make an appointment anywhere using either iQueue Mobile or the iQueue Kiosk.


Powerful analytics help you understand your business and your guests.

Core Features

Capacity manage your walk-in and appointment traffic.

Virtual Waiting Rooms

Guests can get in line and wait anywhere — home, a coffee shop, your parking lot, or even your lobby.

Appointment Scheduling

Powerful appointment scheduling helps capacity manage how many guests are visiting at any given time.

Online Satisfaction Surveys

Know how you're doing with built-in and third party survey tools.


Automated text and email messaging keeps guests informed of their position in line as well as when it’s time to show up in person or be prepared for someone to contact them.

iQueue Analytics

Built-in analytics help you understand your business and your guests.

Core Components

Every iQueue account includes the following core components

iQueue Kiosk

A touch screen in your lobby allows guests to quickly get in line.

iQueue Web

Your private web kiosk allows guests to get in line or make an appointment from anywhere.

iQueue Mobile

Enjoy the convenience of iQueue Web as a native mobile app. (iOS and Android)

iQueue Display

This real time display shows position in line and wait time for each guest, and it enables you to provide relevant digital signage.

iQueue Manager

Efficiently manage your line and appointments from one place. Know exactly why guests are there before calling them up.

iQueue Satisfaction

Get real-time satisfaction metrics from your guests as they're being helped.

iQueue Survey

Create your own customized survey and request feedback via text or email.

iQueue Analytics

Built-in reports and exportable data show exactly how busy your staff is, how much time you're spending helping guests, high-volume issues, and more.

iQueue Software & Pricing Details

iQueue is cloud-based.

  • There's nothing to install
  • There's nothing to maintain

  • All your data is securely stored in the cloud

Customized Pricing Plans

Every iQueue installation differs slightly based on customer needs.

  • We'll work with you to put together a plan that fits your budget.
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Free Upgrades

When we add features and updates, you get them for free.

  • No upgrade fees
  • No versions to track

  • iQueue simply keeps getting better
    and better

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